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SALE! The Ultimate iPhone/iPOD Music Dock.  Reduced from £999 to £399 - just 1 remaining

iDock007 - SALE! The Ultimate iPhone/iPOD Music Dock. Reduced from £999 to £399 - just 1 remaining

Our Price: £399.00


Imagine a solid piece of aluminium, lovingly wrapped in carbon fibre sitting on your desk. Volume control is via a deliciously smooth aluminium knurled flywheel running on Formula One style ball bearings. To turn it on, press the "Start Engine" button just like the one on your Ferrari.

This is the new exclusive, luxury dock & wireless sender for your iPOD or iPhone.

Music is sent wirelessly to your audio system up to 50 metres away. The sound is finally enhanced via an audio processing system previously reserved for top recording studios and used by top recording artists and engineers for Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor and Paul McCartney in mastering their albums.

This isn't just any music dock - this is a Pleasure Home dock.


The state of the art 2-way wireless music enhancing transmission system, allows you to play any music source wirelessly to any stereo or powered speaker system. Providing inputs for computer audio, CD players, MP3s, satellite radios, and an iPod or iPhone dock, you have the freedom and flexibility to play your music wirelessly across any room and uses the recording industry’s finest music enhancement circuitry to bring your compressed music files back to life.

This is both an exclusive audio instrument AND an elegant sculpture of machined aluminum and carbon fibre that combines innovative technology with luxurious design. It will stand out as a piece of audio jewellery wherever it is placed.

DWC 2-Way Wireless: Stream Music To Any Music System In Your Home Or Office

The proprietary wireless transmission technology allows users to transmit any audio source to any audio system. The Transmission Dock and matching Receiver create a powerful wireless link, using the highest audio quality wireless technology ever offered in consumer audio. The system will play any audio source, from iPod to computer, CD player,MP3 player or satellite radio across 150 feet!

DWC-Aphex: Superior Sound Quality

The astounding music enhancement technology, brought to the consumer electronics world for the first time ever, was originally developed for the recording industry, and used by top recording artists and engineers like Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor and Paul McCartney in mastering their albums. When the DWC-Aphex switch is enabled, your music immediately ascends into a powerful and spacious audio experience with a more “live” sound, enhanced stereo imaging, deeper and more powerful bass and clarity never before heard from bit rate audio recordings. In addition, your audio system will come alive and sound more powerful and dynamic.

High Performance, Meticulous Design & Quality Fabrication

This product provides the ultimate performance and user experience whilst offering extreme quality, exceptional construction and detailing not normally found in consumer products. As an example, the volume knob is a 220g piece of aluminum and incorporates Formula One style ball bearings to ensure exacting standards of performance and a luxury feel.

Practical Elegance

While it is a high profile, luxury lifestyle product, it is also one of the most practical. In addition to the DWC-Wireless and DWC-Aphex technologies, it features universal iPod docking and a convenient volume control designed to allow quick volume changes and muting for those times when an unexpected interruption occurs during your listening time.

Simple Installation

The Receiver simply plugs into your stereo or powered speakers – there’s no need for tools or computer skills and all cables are included.

Multi-room Option

The System includes one Transmission Dock and one Receiver. Should you desire to play your audio systems or powered speakers in more than one room, a second Receiver unit can be added to your system, with set-up taking less than a minute. Multiple transmission channels also allow you to play separate systems in the same home or office.

High Tech Collectable

In becoming an owner of this collectable audio product, you are assured of the highest quality and long-term performance, along with limited edition exclusivity. Sit back and enjoy your music like never before …


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