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Ferrari Art.Engine Audio System - last 1 of 999
Ferrari Art.Engine Audio System - last 1 of 999Ferrari Art.Engine Audio System - last 1 of 999Ferrari Art.Engine Audio System - last 1 of 999

Art.Engine - Ferrari Art.Engine Audio System - last 1 of 999

Our Price: £14,995.00


As an extremely limited edition of only 999 pieces available worldwide,
Art.Engine is Ferrari's entry into the world of home audio and the single
most exclusive licensed product ever to bear the Ferrari name.

The Pleasure Home are sad to advise that production has now ceased and we believe that we have the final collector's piece remaining in the world. It is finished in beautiful lacquered Ferrari Grigio Silverstone Grey. Interestingly it is marked '1 of 999' on the aluminium faceplate on the rear of the unit!

Art.Engine is a complete system - the speakers, four 200 watt digital amps,
DSP, wireless receiver and other electronics are built into the single
tower. The only necessary wire is the power cord which can be discretely
hidden behind Art.Engine. The primary signal input is the wireless
streaming of music files or radio via iTunes running on any computer (PC or
Mac) with wireless functionality.

In addition, any CD player, iPod, or other input source may be connected to
Art.Engine's external RCA jacks with the included audio cables.


Each Art.Engine was hand-made to order.

Art.Engine was available in four different Ferrari colours. It was painted
with actual Ferrari paint and clear coat. The colours were:

• Rosso Corsa Red
• Argento Nurburgring
• Silver
• Grigio Silverstone Grey
• Metallic Nero Black

Custom colours may be ordered for an extra charge, but they may only be
Ferrari colours.

Art.Engine is priced in the U.K. at £16,995 including VAT.

"The bass sounds tight and well-defined. I hear loads of detail-percussion,
in particular, sounds remarkable, present and clear. But unlike many audio
systems with exceptionally detailed sound, the Art.Engine always sounds
smooth, never edgy or fatiguing."
- Brent Butterworth, Editor-In-Chief, Home Entertainment Magazine

"One look at the Art.Engine and you know you're confronting a music system
like no other ever created."
- Brent Butterworth, Editor-In-Chief, Home Entertainment Magazine

"Important to what I perceive as the Art.Engine's intended audience is that
the system plays loud. Crank it up and it neither distorts nor changes
timbre.The Art.Engine embodies what every high-end product should: dazzling looks,dependable performance, and a simplicity of design and operation." "They got this one right-it deserves to wear the Ferrari logo."
- Brent Butterworth, Editor-In-Chief, Home Entertainment Magazine


Description: Bi-amplified, stereo audio system with twin integrated
line-source loudspeakers, amplifiers, DSP signal management and digital
wireless receiver. Eight custom DWV 75mm (3") carbon fibre high-performance
mid/woofers and one ScanSpeak custom 28mm (1.1") soft dome tweeter are used
in each of the two channels. At 120 cm (47") tall and 41 cm (16") wide, the Art.Engine is a floor standing audio system designed to be placed against the wall. Ideal for home and office use to replace a conventional Hi-Fi system.

Primary signal input is wireless streaming of music files or radio via
iTunes (free downloadable software) running on any computer (PC or Mac) with wireless functionality. The Art.Engine may also be used with conventional line level sources such as CD players, tuners, iPods and most other portable devices, via RCA input jacks (accessory cables included).

Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 3 dB
200 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 1 dB

Maximum Sound Pressure: 110 dB @ 1M

Speaker Compliment (each channel):
Low/Mid: 8 X 75mm (3") wide-range, long stroke carbon fibre
Treble: 1 X 28mm (1.1") soft dome with Neodymium motor (magnetically shielded)

Amplifier: Four 200 Watt Discrete Digital
Amplifier Operating Class: Enhanced Performance PWM Class D
Signal/Noise Ratio: > 110 dB
Input Voltage Sensitivity: 1 Volt
Input Impedance: Analogue Input - 10k Ohms
Signal Connections: Wireless input requires 802.11 Wi-Fi
enabled computer. Analogue wired connection via side mounted RCA jacks.
Input mode selectable via side mounted precision input signal switch. Signal input controlled with rotary volume attenuator.
Input Power Connection: 10 Amp IEC, 3 Pin Grounding. Front Mounted Master Power Switch.
Input Power Requirement: 110 - 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz. Digital Power
Supply is Auto-Switching.

Status Indicators: 2 x Front Panel Mounted LED Master Power Indicators,Side Panel Mounted Multi-Colour LED Wireless Status Indicator
Regulatory: CE Compliant


Materials: 6061 T6 Machined Aluminum Bonded Carbon Fiber Composite
Painted Part Finish: Ferrari Inspired Paint & Clear Coat.
Available in Rosso Corsa red, Argento Nurburgring silver, Grigio
Silverstone grey and Nero black.(Custom Ferrari Colors Upon
Plated Part Finishes: Bright Dip Clear Anodization
Black Anodization
Polished Chrome
22 Karat Gold
119.70 cm (47.125") Height
41.12 cm (16.188") Width
16.19 cm (6.375") Depth
At Sides: 3.17 cm (1.25") Deep

Base Plate:
45.72 cm (18") Width
23.97 cm (9.44") Depth

45.45 kg Net (Product Only)

75.0 kg Shipping


Input Cable: RCA to RCA cable with Gold Plated Plugs (For CD
and other component input devices.)

Input Cable Mini Plug to RCA cable with Gold Plated Plugs (For
iPod & other portable input devices.)

Floor Spikes (for installations on carpet)

Slip Cover: Techno Fleece Protective Slip Cover

See tnt audio link:

and what hi-fi link:


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