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FH007 Mini System

The FH007 - The ultimate executive Hi-Fi sound system for
use with a PC, Mac, iPOD/MP3, DVD/CD player or even Sky!

Not only does the system sound fantastic and look stunning, but because of the transparent design, it creates the allusion of space thereby preventing your room or desk top from looking cluttered.

FH007 Mini System

The speakers use the same ground breaking horn design as the original £10,000 FH001 speakers, described by ‘Hi-Fi Choice’ as “superb … awesome … with magnificent dynamic and temporal coherence from the mid-bass right up into the treble.” The FH007 also includes two transparent spherical bass units and an integrated full range amplifier. The amplifier allows the system to be used directly with a PC/Mac or CD/DVD/MP3 player, so just plug in the mains lead and connect your input to the iPOD jack/Hi-Fi phono lead and enjoy!


2 Transparent Horn Speakers
2 Transparent Bass Speakers
Integrated Amplifier / Bi-Amped class A/B (4 x 16 Watts into 8 Ohms)
Frequency response 75 Hz - 20 KHz +/- 5dB
Product conforms to the EMC & Low Voltage Directives
Download Technical Spec
Download Technical Specification


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Postage and Packaging
£25 shipping charge for up to three units, £50 for 4-9 units and £100 for 10+ units placed on a single order.


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